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Christmas Angel

The Christmas Angel Ministry provides clothes & toys for children at Christmas time who are in need. A food box is also given to each family who has a child on the Christmas Angel List.

People pick an Angel off the Christmas tree, shop for that child, and bring the items back at a specific time.

The Food Box Ministry is for those in need. Not only are the families who have a child on the Christmas Angel list, but the food is also for others who need food. Many who receive a box of food are widows or elderly couples.

Containers are lined up in a specific hallway where people drop the food they have bought for the Food Box ministry. There are paper grocery bags with a list of suggested items that would be good for the boxes. People can take these and fill them and bring them back. Some people bring cases of food and some order food to be delivered to us. Some donate money and we order the food. All of this works.

On a Saturday a couple of weeks before Christmas, recipients of this ministry come to pick up their items. FBC members help locate the gifts and food boxes and help them take them to their vehicles.

This is a church-wide ministry showing God’s love to those in need. It includes Sunday School Classes, Mission Groups, Golden Circle, Families, and Individuals in the Church. We are reminded that we are God’s hands, feet, eyes, and mouth.

He takes care of others through each of us. The success of this is to bring all glory and honor to God through his son Jesus Christ.

Remember the scripture:

“In as much as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethen, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40