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Youth (7 – 12 Grade)

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First Baptist Church of Fort Payne’s Youth Ministry is one that focuses on a partnership in ministry between students, parents, adult leaders, and the Minister to Students all under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  The ministry is not about one person or group, but one God.

In our ministry we realize that discipleship is a task that can seem formidable, intimidating, and even foreign.  By providing solid biblical teaching on Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, and through our D-Groups, students have the opportunity to hear and experience God’s Word in a relevant and engaging way.

Students lead busy lives and it can be challenging to keep up with where they are.  While Ephesians 5 does call us to be “imitators of God”, the world in which students are called to imitate is constantly changing and moving.  Discipleship for students ought not to be a stagnant classroom experience, but one that involves living and existing as God has created our students to be, while being challenged to not always be comfortable in their faith.

Oftentimes, we found our students out in the local community serving in different ways.  We see them serving at their local schools, serving children in a local park, serving elderly residents of retirement homes, and doing yard work for church members and other local ministry activities.  Other times we find them serving God on mission trips through painting, working in soup kitchens, working in nursing homes, leading countless folks in worship through being part of the FBC Youth Choir and countless other activities.

During the 2014-2015 school year we are seeking to be a better community as a youth ministry.  We seek to be better encouragers of each other and to those we interact with every day at school and work.  We also desire to be better ambassadors for Christ as we interact with the world around us.

We by no means view our youth group as an exclusive club and we will provide a way for anyone that desires to participate in any of our ministry events.  We want you and your family to prayerfully consider being part of our ministry community if you are not already.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact the church office 256-845-2015.

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