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Prayer Ministry

…for my house will be called a house of prayer Isaiah 56:7 & Matthew 21:13

Prayer is number one at First Baptist Church. Our goal is to be led by the Holy Spirit in all that we do.

Mission Groups – Prayer is of utmost importance. Mission Friends, GAs, RAs, Adult Mission Groups, Sunday School Classes, Music groups, etc. pray for needs of those in & outside of the group, the project they are working on, missionaries, etc.

We participate in the Week of Prayer for:

  • North American Missions emphasizing Missions in America & participating in the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.
  • International Missions emphasizing Missions around the world and participating in the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.
  • Day of Prayer for Alabama Baptist Missions emphasizing the Kathleen Mallory Missions Offering. This helps support mission training, and other mission efforts in Alabama.

We join in with the DeKalb Baptist Association and pray with women from our  association on the day designated for the Women’s World Day of Prayer.  We pray for unreached people groups, missionaries, and their needs.

Prayer Room:
This is a quiet place where volunteers pray for specific needs of those in our church, in our community, and around the world.

Prayer Chain:
The Prayer Chain begins upon request when someone feels the need to have a very serious situation prayed for. If you have this need, contact the church office.

Prayer Walking Around the Schools

We prayer walk around our schools for those who work in any way with our schools and for the children who attend school and for their families.

This is done after receiving permission to prayer walk and on a Sunday afternoon around the time school begins back in the fall. Volunteers go and pray as they walk around outside of the school.

We pray for everyone and put the new school year in God’s Hands and pray for His guiding hand, safety, etc.

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