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The Pastor's Perspective


Evangelism Training Presentation

The Pastor's Perspective
02 Oct 2017 by Pastor

Greetings, folks. We had a great turnout for our first round of evangelism training on Sunday afternoon.

At the request of several who attended, I am sharing the PowerPoint Presentation on this post for anyone who wants to become more familiar with some of the material, approaches, and Scripture that we discussed:

Don't forget: we will be doing outreach on Tuesday October 3, 17, and 24 in preparation for our Fall Festival at the end of the month on Sunday, October 29 (5:30–7:00 PM). We will meet in the Fellowship Hall at 5:30 PM to eat a quick meal before going out into the area surrounding our church campus in downtown Fort Payne.

As I have mentioned, there are multiple ways that you can participate. We only need ONE person in each group of 2–3 who is comfortable "doing the talking." We also need drivers, note takers (to keep track of visits/contacts), and prayer. If you aren't comfortable taking the lead on conversations, I challenge you to partner with someone who is: observe, learn, and step out of your comfort zone. We want God's best for Fort Payne, but Fort Payne won't know God's best outside of Jesus Christ.

If you weren't able to attend the training, I will give a quick "recap" while we are eating dinner tomorrow night before we go out. Pray with us and for us, and pray for the love and glory of Christ to be known in Fort Payne, Alabama. As I often say, we exist to show the world what God has shown us in Jesus Christ. Join me in praying for opportunities to show and tell about Jesus tomorrow night.

Bro. Nathan


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