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The Pastor's Perspective


Celebrating Faithfulness (Renovation Update #1)

The Pastor's Perspective
02 May 2017 by Pastor

At the risk of showing my Louisiana roots (GEAUX Tigers!), I just want to say that God is moving, y'all! My pastoral Spidey sense is tingling. God has opened multiple doors for new ministry in recent weeks, and I'm excited. Our students were such fantastic worship leaders Sunday morning. Haley shared with me about how meaningful and renewing our women's retreat was (yes, for those who are wondering, our children survived a weekend with their father…). God continues to grow our church body. I have several meetings this week to talk with new believers seeking baptism and others seeking a church family.

Jesus himself compared the activity of the Holy Spirit to that of the wind (John 3:8)–we can't force the Spirit, but we can feel the Spirit. And I feel the Holy Spirit at work. I am praying that we do all we can in the months and years ahead to diligently keep the unity the Spirit provides us as a church body and family (Ephesians 4:1–6). After all, our ultimate mission as a church is not the renovation of a building, but the redemption and renewal of all Creation in Jesus' name.

Following a UNANIMOUS vote at the conclusion of our Sunday morning worship, renovations commenced Monday morning on the East wing of the third floor. This renovation represents the final stage of a multiphase building renovation plan that began years ago. On Sunday afternoon, I could not help but reflect on all those who have been part of this vision without seeing it come to full fruition. I thought of former building committee members and church family who have gone on to be with the Lord–so many who faithfully sacrificed time, talents, and resources to help this vision become a reality. There have been so many brothers and sisters who have done so much to shape who we are as a church family. I am ALWAYS blessed to consider the faithfulness of God to us and the powerful witness of those who have gone before us in faithful response to Him (Philippians 1:3–11). The baton has been passed to us, and I pray that we are found equally faithful.

As a church, let us continue to invest in God's Kingdom through faithful giving, service, witness, and prayer.

I have included a few pictures below to help everyone keep up with the progress. As a reminder, the renovation will cause some temporary adjustments in our use of space. For anyone needing clarification on meeting places, Sunday School teachers can contact Doris; and those involved with Children's Ministry can consult with Amy. Youth will continue to meet in the youth room.

Sunday's vote represented so many things. As a church, we decided to trust in the provision and plans of God. As a church, we committed to move forward in ministry and giving to Kingdom purposes. As a church, we decided to pursue this vision to its appropriate completion. May God bless us to be a blessing in His name, by His power, and for His glory. And may all who come behind us find us faithful.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Pastor Nathan


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