106 Grand Ave NW
Fort Payne, AL 35967-2032

About us

Mission & Vision

Our vision is the lens through which we view our church's ministry to engage in our God given mission to our community and the world. Our mission and vision are the means by which we honor the heritage of those who have gone before us (OUR PAST) by pursuing what lies ahead of us (OUR FUTURE). Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we COMMIT…

  • to worship God as a united fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ (KNOW)
  • to foster our growth toward Christian maturity as disciples of Jesus Christ (GROW)
  • to demonstrate the love of Jesus in responding to the joys, hurts, and needs of the members of our congregation, our community, and the world through Christian ministry and concern (SHOW)
  • to proclaim the love of God and the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ's saving work to the ends of the earth, starting in our own community (GO)
Simply stated, our mission is to KNOW Christ, GROW in Christ, SHOW Christ, and GO for Christ TOGETHER.