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Date: Jun 11 2016
Time: 8:00 am

Welcome to First Baptist Church

At First Baptist Church we want to reach the world with the message of the love of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.  We want to show how his life has changed each of us and how your life can also be transformed. We want to see more people enter into a personal relationship with Jesus […]

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The Pastor's Perspective - Pastor

I want to share briefly about the first time I ever went to the emergency room. I was three. I was jumping on my bed pretending to be Superman or Peter Pan. Then I got an idea: What if I could really fly? What if I just needed to quit pretending and going through the […] read more

People of the Resurrection

The Pastor's Perspective - Pastor

This morning I have been writing on Abraham (or Paul's use of Abraham in Romans 4) while the news feed explodes with news of the latest wave of deaths (civilians and officers). I am saddened every time. In Rom 4:17, Paul says that Abraham believed in God who gives life to things that are dead […] read more


Holy Land Trip, March 9–18, 2017

The Pastor's Perspective - Pastor

WALK WHERE JESUS WALKED! Attention fellow FORT PAYNIANS! Would anyone be interested in in a Holy Land tour to Israel in March 9–18, 2017? The trip would be led by my father, Dr. Wayne VanHorn, Dean of Religious Studies and the Arts at Mississippi College in Clinton, MS, with me as a humble co-pilot (or, […] read more