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Fort Payne, AL 35967-2032
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Date: Oct 15 2016
Time: 8:00 am

Welcome to First Baptist Church

At First Baptist Church we want to reach the world with the message of the love of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.  We want to show how his life has changed each of us and how your life can also be transformed. We want to see more people enter into a personal relationship with Jesus […]

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to First Baptist Church

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Come to the Table

The Pastor's Perspective - Pastor

According to a recent book, leaders are supposed to start with why. Before a leader suggests what you should do, he or she should establish why that something needs doing–the purpose it serves, the goal it meets, the transformation it fosters, etc. So here's the why first. We are called to make disciples of all […] read more

Q&A Format Adjustment

The Pastor's Perspective - Pastor

Faithful Sunday night crew–I owe you an apology. For the past few weeks, we have been entirely too long (i.e., too late) in wrapping up our evening sessions. This trend has resulted partially from the format of allotting time to answering questions that often arise when we share Christ (or desire to do so) with […] read more

For Heaven’s Sake

The Pastor's Perspective - Pastor

Last night, our Q&A discussion focused on the resurrection of Jesus, the claim that establishes or falsifies the Christian faith (see 1 Corinthians 15:12–19). Prior to our discussion, I was fielding the most recent round of "Stump the Pastor" questions from the red Q&A cards that people slide under my door throughout the week (I […] read more